Frequently Asked Questions

Vaginoplasty – general term for any procedure that reshapes the vagina.

Labiaplasty – reducing and or re-shaping of the labia minora.

LabiaMajoraplasty – reducing the labia majora.

Perineoplasty – reducing the size or shape of the perineum.

Hymenoplasty – restoration of the hymen.

Vaginal Rejuvenation – synonym of vaginoplasty, vaginal canal or introitus tightening.

Rectocele – Posterior vaginal prolapse (weakened muscles between the rectum and vagina)

Cystocele – Torn or weakened muscles between the bladder and vagina (fallen or prolapsed bladder)

Urinary Incontinence – Involuntary leakage of urine (weakened bladder muscles)

Surgical procedures may take between 4 to 7 weeks before you may resume normal daily activities and sexual intercourse.

Some Non-surgical procedures have no recovery period, you may resume your daily activities immediately after your treatment. Other non-surgical procedures may require you to refrain from sexual intimacy or swimming for 1 or 2 days.

Most non-surgical procedures have almost no risk, some may cause light discharge.

Surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures carry all risks associated with any other major surgery, including pregnancy risks.  The primary risks are infection, bleeding and altered sensation.

Depending on the severity of the case and if multiple procedures are needed, vaginal rejuvenation surgery may take between 1.5 and 3 hours+.
Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation options include radio-frequency devices and lasers. Some treatments last only 3 to 5 minutes and others may take up to 30 minutes.
Yes, some rejuvenation procedures are not covered by insurance because they are considered elective procedures. If your insurance does not cover the costs, financing is available viagra générique en ligne belgique.

Non-surgical procedures range between $800 and $1500 per session. Most non-surgical options recommend between 2 and 4 treatments, usually spaced 30 days apart.*

Surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures vary and each case is unique. The average costs of these surgeries range between $3500 and $12,000+.*

*These costs are national averages and may not apply in your case. Only after a consultation can an accurate cost be determined.

Only after a consultation can this be determined. Each case is unique and your doctor or specialist will explain all of the benefits, risks and limitations of each procedure.